Deepak Goel
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Deepak Goel is the chief technology officer at D2iQ, the leading independent Kubernetes platform that enables organizations to embrace open source and cloud-native innovations at scale while delivering smarter Day 2 operations.

Two Challenges When Using Kubernetes in Air-Gapped Environments

Many compliance-minded organizations are seeking to capitalize on the benefits of production-grade Kubernetes in air-gapped environments. An air-gap, air-gapping, or disconnected network is a security measure to ensure that a computer network is physically isolated from insecure networks, like the…




We launched GovDevSecOpsHub to focus on the next evolution of application development, DevSecOps, which brings cybersecurity teams and tools into the development process sooner so that applications are more secure and safeguarded against cyber threats.

In  GovDevSecOpsHub we’ll look at the evolution from traditional software and application development to the DevOps model. We’ll talk about the importance of moving from DevOps to DevSecOps. We’ll highlight the technologies and cultural changes necessary to make this shift happen. And we’ll profile government organizations and executives that are the “boots on the ground” as the government pivots towards the DevSecOps model.