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Web UI & API Test Automation Workshop

October 21, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Automation is a key goal in DevSecOps. It’s imperative that agencies remove manual test activities to increase velocity, reduce cycle time, and ensure the quality and security of their mission-critical systems. Manual testing is error-prone, increases time to market, and is cost-ineffective. Time is money. Many agencies don’t have a strategy to replace test plans that require human intervention to execute new and regression tests of their web applications/services.

Accelerate the creation, execution, and remediation of your complex functional testing world with advanced AI/ML technologies. Join our hands-on virtual workshop to learn how your organization can accelerate its goal to automate application testing with Parasoft’s industry-leading, AI-driven functional testing solutions.

Discover how to seamlessly leverage your current manual testing efforts to:

  • Automatically create vendor-neutral Selenium tests and API scenario tests.
  • Incorporate your newly created tests into a completely automated CI/CD pipeline.
  • Optimize the execution of functional test suites to validate changes faster.
  • Reduce overall testing costs while improving testing productivity and team collaboration.