Autonomous Cloud Enablement – Three Waves of DevOps Transformation

Government software and application development has historically been a slow process that often resulted in unwieldy legacy systems that were delivered past their deadlines and over budget. Worse, many of these purpose-built systems were often obsolete by the time they…

Increasing Resilience by Embracing Chaos Engineering

This article was authored by Caitlin Stanford, the Global Digital Marketing Manager at Eggplant, and was originally published on the Eggplant blog. Uptime is the performance measure customers and service users judge you on. But in today’s interconnected world, a…

What the New NIST Guidance Means for Embedding Security into DevOps

The conversation about hardening the software and technology used in the public sector is an age-old one, but it continues to be important. Agencies must be able to trust the technology they use both day-to-day and in critical situations. But…

Lauren Knausenberger on the Role Personnel Plays in Driving DevSecOps Adoption

To embrace DevSecOps within an organization, there needs to fundamental changes to processes and culture. There also has to be personnel with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to operate in a DevSecOps environment. According to Lauren Knausenberger, Chief Transformation…

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Digital Transformation, Modernization, and…Your Health?

The recent passing of my mother and a health scare with my mother-in-law caused me…

DevSecOps Community Survey Government Edition
Sonatype Survey Links Developer Job Satisfaction with Mature DevOps Practices

The findings of Sonatype’s 2020 DevSecOps Community Survey Government Edition offer another compelling reason why…

Three Challenges That Prevent Successful DevSecOps Strategies and How to Solve Them

This article was authored and submitted by Mark Lambert, VP of Products at Parasoft. It…

DevSecOps vs SecDevOps: Yes, There is a Difference!

This article was authored and submitted by Mark Lambert, VP of Products at Parasoft. It…

Four Essential Steps for Building an Effective DevSecOps Culture

The evolution from traditional software and application development towards DevOps – and now to DevSecOps…

DevOps is Desired but Security is Required: Bringing Them Together with DevSecOps

This article was written and submitted by Ben Chicoski of CloudBees. It was originally published…

Three Key Characteristics of DevSecOps

In previous articles on the GovDevSecOpsHub, we explored the evolution from traditional application development to…

It’s Time to Evolve from DevOps to DevSecOps

As I discussed in my last piece on the GovDevSecOpsHub, the DevOps approach to software…

DevOps: Why it’s Important and Why it’s Not Enough

Over the past decade we’ve seen a movement away from traditional, siloed software and application…


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We launched GovDevSecOpsHub to focus on the next evolution of application development, DevSecOps, which brings cybersecurity teams and tools into the development process sooner so that applications are more secure and safeguarded against cyber threats.

In  GovDevSecOpsHub we’ll look at the evolution from traditional software and application development to the DevOps model. We’ll talk about the importance of moving from DevOps to DevSecOps. We’ll highlight the technologies and cultural changes necessary to make this shift happen. And we’ll profile government organizations and executives that are the “boots on the ground” as the government pivots towards the DevSecOps model.