AppSec and SLED – Shifting Left to Solve Deep Challenges

This article originally appeared on the Checkmarx Blog. Click HERE to read the original in its entirety. For state governments, local governments, and education agencies – a cohort often referred to as the SLED sector – there has perhaps never…




We launched GovDevSecOpsHub to focus on the next evolution of application development, DevSecOps, which brings cybersecurity teams and tools into the development process sooner so that applications are more secure and safeguarded against cyber threats.

In  GovDevSecOpsHub we’ll look at the evolution from traditional software and application development to the DevOps model. We’ll talk about the importance of moving from DevOps to DevSecOps. We’ll highlight the technologies and cultural changes necessary to make this shift happen. And we’ll profile government organizations and executives that are the “boots on the ground” as the government pivots towards the DevSecOps model.